About Aloha Wedding Production
Owner / Operator Brendan Lange of Aloha Wedding Productions

Brendan Lange


A little about me. I was born and raised in beautiful Seattle Washington - GO HAWKS! Growing up in the city, I loved to walk around with my Nikon film camera my Grandpa passed on to me and just shoot scenes unfolding - the ever changing weather, the people and the stories I'd imagine them living and interesting birds. While my role at Aloha Wedding Productions is making sure everything goes off without a hitch, from time to time I love to shoot weddings as well. My favorite part of capturing love in the long term is sitting down with a couple before the wedding and getting to know them, hearing their ideas and planning the best most genuine production for them based on their story, their day and their relationship. No two weddings are the same - So why would they be captured the same way? Because we give so much attention to detail and personality in our highlights, we want the first time you watch your wedding video to be an experience in itself. I don't want your wedding video to look like somebody watching it from the back row. I want you to smell the flowers, to feel the warmth of Hawaii and to have something that will forever remind you of the love you shared on that day and how much fun the two of you have together. If you have any questions for me or have an idea to share, I'd love to talk story.

Lead Cinematographer Katie Ann Plick of Aloha Wedding Productions

Katie Ann Plick


Basically, I'm a video nerd, a marathon runner and a storyteller. Born and raised in Hawai’i, I acquired a love of surf and a profound respect for the ocean. Malama o ke kai. Finding inspiration in the consumingly sensory waves and island lifestyle, I lived in my bikini for eighteen years before moving to Bellingham, WA. to further my education and traded in my surf board for a snowboard. Through the next four years of my pedagogical journey, Western Washington University granted me a developed written voice and a diploma to match. Alongside my love of English literature and language, I developed a mad desire to compose in a more visual medium and after a few film and video editing classes, I fell in love. Everyone always says your wedding is one of the best and possibly most important days of your life. You spend your life dreaming of it, months planning it and then it's over in a flash. That's where video comes in. I'm not talking about cookie cutter plug n' chug video, I'm talking about the story of a moment in time, the experience of sitting down with your partner over a glass of wine to relive that raw feeling, a night years down the line where that video becomes a bedtime story for your own kids and their kids. That's powerful. That's why I do what I do.