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Editing Wedding Video

Hello Brides & Grooms, Brides & Brides, Grooms & Grooms,

This is our very first blog post as Aloha Wedding Productions and we are thrilled to be joining this creative community working with people in love!  We have a well rounded background in the wedding media world as you'll see from our portfolio, and through the years have also created commercials, music videos and snowboarding shrEDITS - you name it!  Now, we are very excited to be focusing all of our attention on weddings for a few reasons.

First and foremost, we believe that a good wedding highlight is invaluable.  With all the effort and attention to detail that goes into this amazing day, your wedding video is the only lasting piece.  My passion and the reason I got into filmmaking is for preservation of memories, of people, of the feeling of a moment in time.  We take great care and understanding in the gravity of each of these unique videos and it is my honor to be able to share this with couples.

As Brendan and I begin to plan our own wedding for Spring of next year, we are realizing the amount of work that goes into the planning, coordination and even the stress of working with so many different vendors.  Having been on the other side of things for so many years, it is very exciting to be going through the process with our couples now, meeting with them and watching with a fresh set of eyes and inspiration, the unique details that go into wedding planning.  We know exactly what we want from our video + photo team and want to supply that for our couples.  I know that our videos and photos are amazing and I can't wait to share that with other couples and give them peace of mind that things are being done right by people they trust and are comfortable with.  It goes a long way.

This reason is slightly selfish, but I'm going to be honest with you lovely people.  I LOVE when a couple gets to sit down for the fist time to watch their wedding highlight over a glass of wine in beautiful cinematic 4K.  I love hearing about how they couldn't imagine a more perfectly tailored representation of the day, how they loved seeing all the moments they missed with their family and friends forever preserved wholly in 5-8 minutes, how reliving the moments was an experience in itself.  It makes all the hard work, learned skills and drive completely worth it and makes my heart so full.

Weddings are a monumental story and storytelling is our fire and devotion.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.  We love meeting with couples and if you have any questions for us or just want to talk story, just say aloha!

Katie Ann Plick
Lead Cinematographer


Katie Ann Plick, Lead Cinematographer, shooting in Mexico.