Should I Hire a 2nd Shooter?

Chocolate cake or lilikoi?  Band or DJ?  One cinematographer or two?  Whether or not to hire a second shooter is another decision in the infinite list of wedding planning tasks.  To make the decision easier, we've broken it down with helpful insights to see if it's worthwhile to consider the additional expense.

Katie Ann and Micheal Dyrland Shooting a Wedding


1) Get a second shooter if capturing the wedding prep is important to you. 
Imagine your wedding highlight.  Think about the moments you want captured.  The wedding prep offers a unique glimpse into the background of the day, with moments unseen by most guests.  A room full of best friends gather to get dappered up, drink mimosas and laugh about old memories and those to come.  The emotion and excitement in the air is palpable.  It really helps to round out a more cinematic highlight, building a beginning, middle and end.  Having a second shooter allows these moments to be captured fully by devoting one shooter to each party getting ready, capturing every unforgettable moment, rather than running back and forth with a bunch of gear hoping you don't miss that memorable impromptu toast or the best man helping the ring bearer with his tie. 

2) Get a second shooter if you LOVE the details.  We get it, you put a ton of work into the little things - And there are A LOT of little things.  From the hand-painted place cards to the polaroid guest book, having a second shooter allows full attention to the ongoing events and as well as the ability to simultaneously run around and give the details the attention they deserve, setting up gorgeous cinematic slider shots and arranging things just so for perfectly staged ring shots.

3) Get a second shooter if you want drone.  The reason our Liliokai (most inclusive video) package includes two cinematographers and 4K drone is that flying the drone to the quality that we do requires a great deal of care, skill and focus.  If you just want a basic, establishing drone shot for a new angle, one videographer should be able to pull that off in less than 20 minutes, but if you want a more dynamic edit, using the drone as a 5th angle throughout the day, we highly recommend spending the extra coin on a second shooter so you don't miss a thing.

There's a lot of hard work and timing in making it happen, but a pro cinematographer should be comfortable capturing a beautiful wedding ceremony and highlight running solo; managing two angles, audio and lighting throughout the day.  However, it's impossible to be in two places at once and the real magic happens in the unexpected moments.  Rather than having to stage or recreate shots, ex: "Can we re-tie that bow-tie?" or "Will you do that toast one more time?", I love capturing these priceless moments as they naturally unfold. 

Hopefully that gives some insight into the reasoning and helps you to decide what's important to you!  With passionate and talented wedding production companies, no two wedding videos are the same, so dream big and express your needs.

With Aloha Always,

Katie Ann Plick
Lead Cinematographer

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