Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Day


Yesterday, Brendan and I got back from a wedding planning trip in Todos Santos, Mexico where we met with our planner (who is God's gift to weddings - check her out @MishkaDesigns), viewed various venues and ate way too many (but never enough) tacos, because we had'know make sure they were the ones we wanted to serve at our wedding and stuff...

Anyway, we got the opportunity to film the behind the scenes of our wedding planner, Mishka and her team at work.  As the bride and groom were off relaxing in the Mexican sun, there were nearly 30 cooks chopping, florists arranging, contractors building bars and fixtures, musicians tuning and one hell of a planner coordinating the events of the evening.  

As videographers, we often spend the morning of the wedding with the bridal parties, filming the hair and make-up, cracking cold ones with the guys and the anticipatory moments as they await seeing each other at the end of the isle.  And then we arrive to a beautifully set up reception space with every little detail perfectly, subtly in place.  Seeing the insane amount of hustle that goes on behind the scenes of the wedding day gave me a huge appreciation for the work that goes into even the smallest detail of professional wedding planning.  At first, I must admit, I questioned seemingly practically in naiveté, "well how many chairs, or flowers or whatnots come with a wedding planners fee?  What is my money going towards?" - Well, the wedding, being good.  I'm not kidding - I watched Antonio build a gorgeous bar on site from scratch to match their color scheme.  So what am I getting when I am paying for a planner?  EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD.  Watching Mishka and her team work from sunup to sundown, I couldn't help but draw similarities between the wedding planning prep and the wedding videography post-production.  I've heard that a good wedding team creates an incredible event without you ever noticing.

With that very long introduction about how much we love our wedding planner, I will get to the point: BEHIND THE SCENES OF YOUR WEDDING DAY (as it pertains to videography & photography).  Here is a rundown of what you see, and what you don't that make your wedding videography on point.  

We love to get to know our couples ahead of time.  Typically, we like to sit down over a beer or a cup of coffee and just talk story, getting to know the couple and their relationship and getting a feel for their ideal vision for wedding coverage.  We then craft up a tailored shot list to tell the story of the day for that couple.  We understand how important this single highlight video is in representing the occasion accurately and artistically and that requires foresight and plenty of love.

The crew gathers before the wedding begins to go over the schedule of events and go over any special details.  Through out the day, you may see us as we gather shots of you and those around you whom you love and we may capture the things you may have otherwise missed, but are always on the lookout for precious moments going down.

This is the most time-consuming, creative and thoughtful part of things.  This is what reminds me most of watching Mishka and her team creating magic behind the scenes before a wedding: the editing process.  As the editor, I have a tremendous responsibility to select the moments and place them just so in a way that reflects the couple's vision of the day; their personalities and the emotion in the air.  That is so powerful and though largely unnoticed, that is what brings it all together.

I would love to answer any questions about the process and we are always into grabbing a coffee or a beer.  As we plan our own wedding, we love meeting and swapping stories (and dramas) with other couples in this stressful, emotional, opinionated, amazing time we call being engaged to another human.  Reach out anytime (and enter to win our free wedding videography giveaway if you haven't already!)